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  Pragmatic Technology Consulting is customer driven
and results oriented. Our expertise drives us while our values back our work. Honest and dependable, Pragmatic offers expert IT solutions at an affordable price, meaning that all businesses, great and small, can afford quality IT systems and solutions. And, most importantly, we are always there when you need us.

Pragmatic believes in value and results. Any research that must be   done regarding the clients system is on our dime. The client is charged   only for the actual work time spent on their system.

Communication is key we work with the client and their staff to   efficiently achieve their IT needs and goals.

Pragmatic prides itself on custom tailored IT solutions.

We offer an initial free, no obligation consultation.

We charge an affordable, flat hourly rate.

No contract is required. This means that we work hard for our clients   business every day. Our engineers are accountable for every second   spent working on the clients system.

Support on demand is available to clients around the clock. We   provide fast, quality network and computer support services without   costly retainers, commitments or block time agreements.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
  call (616) 437-5840. Our staff is available for free, no-obligation   meetings, assessments and proposals.



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