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A quality network and computer support service, Pragmatic Technology Consulting is the brainchild of Technology Consultant Greg Clifton. Gregís background as a nuclear engineer aboard submarines in the Navy allowed him the ability to develop his passion and expertise in information technology. Having worked in IT all his life, Greg began consulting over 8 years ago. His love for troubleshooting, especially solving difficult, complex problems, propels Pragmatic to successfully solve IT problems and to develop customized IT network solutions.

Pragmatic is different because it is built on values and commitment. Committed to the client and selling nothing but our services, the client gets whatís best for them and not a brand. We protect the clientís best interest with honesty and old fashion values in order to give the client what they need, when they need it. From the loan of equipment to 24-hour technical support, Pragmatic is there.

Pragmatic prides itself on bridging the gap between IT people and the people who use the IT system. Pragmatic provides those businesses without an IT staff affordable assistance while helping augment those businesses that do, from extensive hands on service to simple, one-time consultations.



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